The U.S. Economic Machine: How to Thrive Amidst Turbulence

Companies can prosper from economic change

The changing business environment impacts planning and thus profitability. Contrary to popular opinion, economic trends do not change all that quickly. But if you continue to ride an old trend, it could impact your competitiveness.
Mr. Kahn’s presentations are geared toward your participant’s needs. His presentations reveal how trends affect businesses and how economic knowledge can improve your success and advancement

Trends that point the way to profits
Business trends do not exist in isolation. From 1995 to 2000 we experienced the first phase of a Founders Economy — a period of fundamental and rapid technological and economic transformation. (The last one was in the 1920’s.) They seem to defy the laws of economic gravity only to end with “blood in the streets”. We are now into the second phase — a phase of intense worldwide business competition and survival. This phase will last at least for the next 15 years.

During this phase, all business decisions involve trade-offs among the three business focal points of Safety, Liquidity, and Rate-of-Return. Your choice of the trade-offs will determine the success of your endeavors.

Economic Factors that Affect Businesses
Individuals and businesses do not live and work in an economic vacuum. There are several outside factors that will directly impact your decisions. These three outside factors are:

Interest Rates: Why interest rates will stay volatile in our credit economy.
Government Impact: Results of changing tax policy and deficit spending on long-term economic growth.
Sharpened Competition: Changing your focus from the bottom line to the top line. Why gaining market share it pivotal to success.

Who owns the future?
The future belongs to those individuals who can quickly discern, adapt to, and exploit the unpredictable movements in the turbulent flow of life. The future does not belong to the big or the small, but to the SWIFT.

The GOAL of the program
Succinctly put, the goal is to give business managers an understanding of the future economic environment they will be operating in and how they must orient their strategies to grow and prosper in this environment. The major operating trends in our national economy will impact the success and operation of your business. Knowledge of these trends can give you an operating edge over your competition.

IMPORTANT: The 25 to 30 year trend of U.S. consumers increasing their borrowing and spending is over. This is a major paradigm trend change. Those individuals and companies that can adjust to this major trend change will thrive. Those who can’t, will fade away.


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